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Is Hillary Writing a New Memoir?

imageThere aren’t many people who can write a new memoir every decade and say something fresh, but there is one who can: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When she announced recently that she’s planning a new memoir, the publishing world went crazy with excitement. Editors started drooling over the very idea. It could be an epic bestseller in the making—but it will be crucial that the book covers the right stuff. If Clinton is willing to write the kind of memoir we want to read, there’s bound to be a huge bidding war between publishers. Along with the question of who will publish it comes speculation over the amount of her advance, which will likely be one of the highest sums ever paid for a book proposal.

Hillary has published two memoirs already: It Takes a Village in 1996 and Living History in 2003. Both were tremendously successful and surprisingly intimate. So there’s good reason to believe her next book will be on par. The question is what are her motives this time around? It all depends on whether she runs in the next election. If that’s her intention, this new work will be a platform for her candidacy, much as Obama’s The Audacity of Hope was a way of capturing the public’s attention back in 2006.

imageWill Clinton talk about the 2008 primary election and the evolution of her relationship with Obama? The attack in Benghazi? The last decade with Bill and Chelsea? She addressed the tough stuff like Whitewater and the Monica Lewinsky affair in Living History, but she was in a different position back when that book came out. We can only speculate what could be in her latest, but let’s hope it lives up to our expectations. Because if it’s as compelling as I suspect it will be, we have something good to look forward to reading when the next presidential election rolls around.


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